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Our purpose in state law

This purpose statement comes directly from the state law that created the Commission and defines our duties and powers.

Powers and duties.

The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

     (1) Examine and define issues pertaining to the rights and needs of African-Americans, and make recommendations to the Governor and state agencies for changes in programs and laws.

     (2) Advise the Governor and state agencies on the development and implementation of policies, plans, and programs that relate to the special needs of African-Americans.

     (3) Acting in concert with the governor, advise the Legislature on issues of concern to the African-American community.

     (4) Establish relationships with state agencies, local governments, and private sector organizations that promote equal opportunity and benefits for African-Americans.

     (5) Receive gifts, grants, and endowments from public or private sources that are made for the use or benefit of the commission and expend, without appropriation, the same or any income from the gifts, grants, or endowments according to their terms.

Read our entire state law RCW 43.113