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Sen. Franklin 2007 Session Highlights

See a full report of 2007 Session accomplishments in Sen. Franklin's 2007 Legislative Review newsletter

Public Guardianship Office

Many vulnerable adults do not have trustworthy family or friends to advocate for them. This leaves them at risk for con artists and other crooks. Sen. Franklin's bill, SB 5320, passed the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Gregoire. This legislation sets up protections for those who are vulnerable, including the Office of Public Guardianship, to serve the 4,500 state residents who need these services.

More info on SB 5320

Money Received by Inmates

Children suffer enough when a parent is locked up in jail or prison. Sen. Franklin sponsored SB 5429, which passed the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Gregoire. This new law increases the amount that goes to child support when an inmate gets money from an inheritance and other sources.

More info on SB 5429

Dental Care Expansion

Expanding access to dental care is especially important for children and senior citizens. Sen. Franklin's bill HB 1298 allows dental hygienists to perform basic services in senior centers, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes where they are now allowed to work.

More info on HB 1298

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